Our Company

Founded in 1985, we are proudly headquartered in Mayville, Wisconsin. We have grown to be a leader in our industry but have held true to our values of treating every customer as if they were our first.

About Us

From our first days as a plastic distribution service provider, we have built a reputation by providing a combination of responsiveness and professionalism that goes beyond common expectations, and complex problem solving that results in high-quality engineering solutions designed to provide you with well-machined and efficient products.

The Lake Country Archival Project

During our recent move to a brand new 40,000 sq ft. building, we had to decide what to keep and what to give away. As our employees cleared out their desks, we found photographs and film from 1985 that were buried in boxes and filing cabinets for years. In an effort to remember our founding and pay tribute to those who helped us become who we are today, we are embarking on an ambitious project to recover and restore all these old memories.


We offer delivery through our own Lake Country vehicle for customers throughout southeastern Wisconsin. For other shipments, we negotiate the best freight rates available with regional and national freight carriers to keep shipment costs as low as possible. Customers may also specify their preferred carrier for us to use.

Lake Country Corporation, Your True Manufacturing Partner

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